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Technology has the power to transform learning. iConnect for Education are proud to work with institutions, teachers and students to help reinvent how teaching, learning and technology are integrated to help make the once impossible, possible.

With a deep understanding of Apple products and a broad knowledge of the issues facing educators, the Education Team at iConnect will work with you to transform teaching and learning. WE can help you create and maintain a state-of-the art education solution that will engage students, enhance their performance, and work within your existing infrastructure.

iConnect can help you purchase install, and support an integrated solution including complementary third party products. In addition, we can also integrate Apple products and solutions into any school environment (whether PC-based or mixed Mac & PC) and can provide great support to upgrade and develop an existing platform – all the while ensuring you get the best value for your money.


  • iPad Education Programme iPad Education Programme

    iPad Education Programme

    iPad in Education

    Introducing iPad is not just about technology, it needs to be aligned to the vision and mission of your school and the underlying pedagogy.

    iConnects iPad Programme aims to provide a solution for your school that puts a mobile device into the hands of every teacher & student.


    These are the areas that we will be discussing with you in this phase:

    • Mobile Device Management
    • Managed Apple ID’S
    • School Manager
    • Classroom App
    • Device Enrolment Programme
    • Volume Purchase Programme
  • Planning Planning



    Planning for the iPad Programme is key to the success of the project. iConnect work closely with you at every stage to ensure that key areas in the programme are addressed and confirmed.

    These are the areas that we will be discussing with you in this phase:

    • Mission & Vision for your school
    • Develop a Strategic Team
    • Calendar Planning
    • Parental Engagement
    • IT Audit
  • Finance for Education Finance for Education

    Finance for Education

    Finance for Education

    Financing & funding decisions need to be addressed once the Planning phase is complete. Our experienced team can guide you through this process and insure you are receiving the best possible value.

    These are the areas that we will be discussing with you in this phase:

    • Financing School Purchases
    • Parental Payment Plans
    • IT and Wifi Infrastructure Costs
  • Set Up and Support Set Up and Support

    Set Up and Support

    Set Up and Support

    iConnect will provide only the best in class support to our institutions.

    Your school: You will have access to highly trained Apple Engineers that know your system as they aided in the planning & development. We request in the planning phase that there is a person appointed to handle the queries in the school and that person contact iConnect where the situation will be resolved.

    Parents & Students:
    Every parent will have the option to purchase a Support contract with iConnect when they purchase iPad.

    Training – Training is a vital component of the programme. Apple offers a rich variety of courses designed to help you acquire core skills and integrate the Apple products into your curriculum. You can mix course offerings and delivery types to create an individual plan specifically for your school.


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