After 20 years of developing Mac solutions for dentists, MacPractice software continues to be the most simple, elegant, and powerful practice management software on the planet. MacPractice is a complete solution to run your practice with integrated administrative, billing, and clinical features in one application.

MacPractice works the way you do

The MacPractice Scheduling Software allows flexible scheduling and a customisable appointment display, so you can view the schedule by any date range with just the right colour scheme for you. New accounts, charges, payments, claims, and appointment reminders can be created directly from the Schedule for scheduling that is as productive as you are.

Sophisticated organisation of patient photos, scanned insurance cards, and image records is easy with Attachments. Attach files to patient accounts and automatically import scanned images for paperless image records stored right in your database.

Polish your patient communications with the power of Notes, where you can easily create 1 or 1,000 patient specific notes at once. Templates created in Notes pull in patient details, images, appointments, procedure codes, and any other information you add to MacPractice.

Manage better with MacPractice

Make practical context of your data with MacPractice Reports. It’s powerful tools for clinical, financial, management, marketing, and scheduling reports help you view your practice management data wisely. You can run reports to find the average patient time, appointment length, production per appointment, or nearly any other criteria.

Bill better with MacPractice

The integrated MacPractice billing system shares the clinical database to reduce errors and eliminate additional modules. Multiple Fee Schedules allow insurance company specific fees, participation, and co-payments. Treatment Plans are created in phases that can be added as transactions as the procedures are performed. Our Contract Billing system creates payment plans for patients then automatically charges the patient’s account at the set frequency.

Seriously sensitive security features.

MacPractice takes data security seriously with robust encryption and network transport technology. Our security settings are designed to put you in control of your confidential data and protect sensitive patient information.


  • Digital Radiography
  • Camera Integration
  • Automatic Image Attachements
  • Patient Check in App
  • Scheduling
  • Integrated Billing
  • Employee Time clock
  • Robust Encryption